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Thursday, June 22, 2006

NATIONAL: Independent voters need to demand full debate on the war and US foreign policy

From the New York Times:
...Some polls show a majority of Americans continue to think that entering Iraq was a mistake, and pollsters say independent voters are particularly open to the idea of setting some sort of timetable for withdrawal, the very policy Democrats have embraced and Republicans are now fighting.... [more]

You have to admire the Times for "good writing" -- in one sentence, the territory is laid out as a fight between Dems and Repubs over a timetable for withdrawal with independent voters leaning Dem....

The question that independents might ask--and it's independents that NEED to and ARE ABLE to and the Dems won't--is what foreign policy best reflects the opinions and attitudes of the American people? Let's have a national discussion, debate and referendum on what role the US should play internationally going forward.

Independents need to demand full debate and let the pollsters, the papers and the politicians know that we aren't playing a leaning-Dem/leaning-Repub game. Partisan politics is destroying our democracy. Independent voters can lead us out of the mire.

(For more on this, read this week's Talk/Talk with Fred Newman and Jackie Salit.)

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