Friday, September 12, 2008


Voter registration, education get candidates' attention (West Virginia Gazette) Today, state law prohibits poll workers from telling voters registered as independents that they may choose to vote in either the Republican or Democratic primaries.

  • Quinnipiac Poll: McCain losing Ohio men since picking VP (THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH) The poll shows a very unstable electorate, with upheavals almost across the board in the past three weeks. For example, independent voters showed an 8-point swing, going from favoring Obama by 4 points to favoring McCain by 4 points.
  • Dan Walters: GOP's inland empire may be vanishing (By Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee) the ever-growing category of "decline-to-state" or independent voters, who are up three percentage points over the past four years to nearly 20 percent of the electorate.
  • Palin helps McCain's numbers in Florida (Miami Herald) And a Public Policy Polling survey shows Palin is helping McCain win more female independent voters and improving the image of the Republican Party.
  • RANDOM ERUPTIONS: One giant step for women, one big roll in the mud for political discourse (Coulee News) It’s all trying to tear the other one down. We are a country divided, and it makes independent voters like me feel like the system’s broken.
  • Why Is Obama Losing Independent Voters? (Fox News) [NOTE: This is an interview with Diane Feinstein about Sarah Palin... Why in the world would you ask a Dem why Obama is losing support among independents??? Hmmmm......]
  • Indy voters anybody’s guess in Fla. (Palm Beach Post) All the polls all the time:
  • * Quinnipiac Poll
  • * Rasmussen Reports
  • * Public Policy Polling
  • Poll: Independents swing to McCain; Catholics, former Clinton voters to Obama (Politicker PA) Obama, who led among independents 58 percent to 48 percent Aug. 26., now trails McCain 44 percent to 45 percent in that group, the poll finds.

Rx for Election Anxiety Disorder-New Chemical Compounds to Help Get You to, and Through, Election Day (The Stranger)

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