Wednesday, September 17, 2008


  • Why Obama's not leading by a landslide (Boston Globe) Obama needs to win independent voters who favor bipartisan solutions, yet he wouldn't do what Bill Clinton did in 1992 - oppose his party's liberal orthodoxy on some high-profile issues.
  • Saint Obama comes down to earth (San Francisco Chronicle) But right now his problem is that disappointed independent voters are catching on that this saintly savior is all too human.
  • Poll: Obama Retakes Lead Over McCain (CBS2 Chicago) Obama's advantage can be traced in part to independents, who favored Obama in late August, swung to McCain just after the Republican convention, and have now returned to Obama. Obama now leads McCain among independents 46 percent to 41 percent.
  • Nearly 300,000 New Florida Voters Sign On With Democrats (The Tampa Tribune) 287,770 new Democratic voter registrations since January, after purging the names of previous voters who died, moved away, or become otherwise ineligible to vote. That compares to net gains of 112,290 for Republicans and 89,859 independent voters

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