Friday, August 25, 2006

New York: War of Independence

New York Daily News columnist Errol Lewis had this to say today:
War of Independence
by Errol Lewis
New York Newsday
August 25, 2006

The long-running battle for control of the Independence Party is creating a new chapter in the arcane annals of New York election law. The contingent of the party led by Lenora Fulani just discovered that petitions were submitted to challenge hundreds of the party's county committee members in the five boroughs. It's not clear who filed the petitions, but insiders suspect Fulani rival Frank MacKay.

The petitions would set up hundreds of write-in primaries for the obscure committee positions. In cases where no vote was cast, the seats would be declared vacant - and if enough vacancies were created in a county (or borough), the entire committee would be dissolved.

Harry Kresky, an election lawyer affiliated with Fulani, says he expects to have the petitions declared invalid in federal court. But the affair provides an interesting road map to those bent on killing off minor parties - a fact that should concern leaders of the Working Families and Conservative parties.

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harry said...

a step in the process of exposing the criminal element at work in the Independence Party.