Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's an independent voter to do?

More from the media about who independents are:
"Independents and undecideds don’t care about dogma, but about what makes sense to them at a given moment." Unsolicited Advice -- Eight Marketing Lessons For '08 -- from Marc E. Babej and Tim Pollak in Forbes....

Of course we all like to see our names in lights.... but with all due respect to the many interesting and even sometimes possibly accurate descriptions of independent voters, it will be independent voters who define what an independent voter is. In many many conversations I've had with independents across the country, the main characterization I've heard of independents by independents is that they're, well.... independent..... They don't like the poison partisanship that the political parties have devised, and they're concerned about the crisis in our democracy we're experiencing where the American people have little voice in determining public policy. I have never heard an independent claim to be pragmatic, far from it--at the moment, it's hardly "pragmatic" to be anti-party. -NH

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