Saturday, December 16, 2006

Has anyone seen my Neo-Independent?

"They said 'What do you mean the earth is not the center of the universe???' And I said, 'Hey that's nothing -- have you seen the lastest issue of the Neo-Independent? '"

Hankster readers -- go onto the Neo-Independent website, click on GIVE THE NEO-INDEPENDENT AS A GIFT AT A SPECIAL PRICE! and choose the 1 Year U.S. 2006 Holiday Gift Subscription - $15- Go to Check Out -In the Special instructions, type in "The Hankster" and it will turn your 1 year Holiday Gift Sub into a 2 year sub!

Happy Holidays! The Hankster

The Neo-Independent is part of a movement that is anti-corruption and pro-people, non-ideological but passionate about realizing America’s greatness as a force for humanism, creativity and development. With the country split 50/50 along partisan lines, the independent voter may well decide the upcoming presidential election. As the movement grows in influence it could decide a lot more, including that the American people – not the parties, or any other special interests – should determine the policies of our government. - Jacqueline Salit, Executive Editor

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