Thursday, January 22, 2009


First New York City Mayor won his first election in 2001 with his margin of victory coming from the New York City Independence Party. Then he won re-election in 2005 with a solid independent-black alliance in the city. Then he disaffiliated from the parties altogether. Looking pretty independent, huh?

Well, not recently! He's turned his back on the black and independent voters who elected him by strong-arming City Council (not a particularly difficult thing to do....) to over-turn term limits that have been approved twice by the voters in the city. Now he's looking for some backing for his third Mayoral run.

Dan Janison has an interesting piece in Newsday and NBC New York picked up the story about the two billionaires looking for a party to control... The Queens Gazette (my home boro) also bit... And of course where Mayor Bloomberg dares to tread, there goes his pre-shadow....


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