Monday, March 30, 2009

Independent voters: We elected Obama, but we did not become Democrats

I just attended a screening of Jackie Salit's soon-to-be-released dvd of her annotated talk at CUIP's celebrated bi-annual January Conference where I was also on the behind-the-scenes panel just after the screening, the whole thing organized by producer Sarah Lyons. Please check out the trailer here, and watch for the launch of the dvd and online version soon!!


Jack Jodell said...

That sounds interesting, Nancy. As for independents not becoming Democrats: Good! The Democrats need outside pressure on them to keep them from cozying up to the same corporate interests who now thoroughly control the Republican Party. This isn't an "either or" world. There are many possibilities and many solutions to our problems. If only the corporate media would understand that!

BurrDeming said...

You post a good thought, with the possible additional virtue of being right.

I do maintain a fond, visionary hope that independence may be a stopping point along a brighter path to the Democratic Party, but I have been disappointed before.

Please keep up the excellent writing.

Nancy Hanks said...

Thank you both for your encouraging words. I really think we're on to something here! Stay tuned! And by the way, the video is now live online at