Monday, December 07, 2009

Lenora Fulani Supports Barron-Avella Reforms for New York City Council Legislative and Budgeting Processes

Dr. Lenora Fulani spoke in support of reforming City Council at a press conference Sunday on the steps of City Hall held by NY City Councilman Charles Barron to announce his candidacy for Speak of City Council and to announce the Barron-Avella NYC Council democratic reform movement.

For video, click here.

Fulani said that while "Charles and I have our differences tactically, we have a strong connection to fighting against poverty." She said she supports reforming the government, but that one difference that she has with Councilman Barron is that he believes you can reform the Democratic Party from inside. "I don't, which is why I'm an outsider, which is why I'm an independent."

Fulani noted that had the Democratic Party had the 150,000 votes [final count] that the Independence Party won on November 3rd in the Mayoral election, they would be preparing for their inauguration.

She emphasized that this is a time for everyone -- "the Mayor, the Council and the citizens" -- to work together.

For Councilman Barron's response, click here.

Reforms are aimed at decreasing the power of the Speaker. Currently the Speaker determines the selection of Chairs to Committees; what Committee Council Members will serve on; how much capital and expense funds each Council Member receives for their districts, and whether a Council Member's legislation with be drafted, be granted a hearing, or receive the light of day for a vote or die in Committee.

Reforms would include:

  • A predetermined equitable distribution of capital and expense funds for Council Members
  • Reforms in the legislative process
  • Reforms in the process of selection of Committee Chairs and Committee assignments
  • Reforms in the process of budget negotiations with the Mayor

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