Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Nite Hankster Chat TONIGHT 4/30/10

8:06pm Please tune in to the experimental Hankster BlogTalkRadio Friday Nite Chat and hear from local Utah activist Randy Miller, founder of Utah League of Independent Voters. Randy is a young Iraq veteran who came home with questions and a non-party attitude:
I grew up in a seemingly conservative suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. Without knowing any better I bought into GOP party loyalty and castigating all 'non-conservative' ideas and figures. I even exercised that most holy and reverent conservative duty--I joined the Army (National Guard). I served just short of 10 years in the National Guard culminating with a one year tour in Iraq.
7:10pm Talking with Randy Miller of Utah League of Independent Voters about social media... Call in!

We're on in 10 minutes! I have no idea if this will be successful, but we'll enjoy the experiment!

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