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Independents' Midterm Campaign: Write a Letter to President Obama


Committee for a Unified Independent Party

Independents' Midterm Campaign
Have You Written A Letter to President Obama?
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 With the Midterms approaching, the media is going on about how independents are voting Republican, and President Obama is feverishly stumping for Democratic Party candidates. So where are independents? We're making ourstatement. We're writing to President Obama about  what independents want.  We are not Republicans - or Democrats. A Rasmussen Reports survey released this week reported that 76% of independent voters would fire every member of Congress and start from scratch. More importantly, we are building an independent movement from the bottom-up to take on the partisanship that pervades Washington. 

Our current Letter count is 30, on our way to 50.  Fifty Letters to the President by Tuesday from activists and leaders of the independent movement (and others who you are speaking with)  would have an  impact!  It would send a message that the independent movement is here to stay! 
Here are some of the latest excerpts from your persuasive letters:
Independents are interested in change and reforms, but the most important reforms that Independents are interested in is Political Reform. We Hate Parties....Listen to Independents. Listen to the reforms that we feel can make government more transparent and interesting. Ramon Pena, NY

You were going to change the way Washington works. Partisanship is the way it has always worked, That is what is wrong in Washington. El Crary, OH
No American of adult age should be excluded from voting just because they are not a member of a party. Your endorsement for open primaries across the United States would signal your support for the inclusion of ALL Americans in our political system and give you support among independents and independent-minded Democrats and Republicans.  
Dr. Omar Ali, NC

I believe the hyper-partisan electoral system must be reformed, it is the key to unlocking the door to the other reforms we need in the areas of education, the environment, immigration, etc.  ... We are concerned, Mr. President, that you have not given sufficient attention in your agenda to the concerns of independents, now 40% of Americans.  We are a new movement, a movement of outsiders - Cathy Stewart, NY

The well-being of our nation is in jeopardy.  It is time for unity, not party politics.  It is time to include independent voters in the process of government, from the ballot box to the Federal Election Commission.  Kim Wright, SD
While I think you are doing a pretty good job, especially considering the mess that you have inherited, I do have one SERIOUS complaint:  You are neglecting a key base that created your Presidential win -- we independents!!!!! We are doing our job at the grassroots, neighborhood by neighborhood, state to state, organizing ourselves and challenging the exclusionary policies that keep ordinary people locked out of the political process and disgusted by it. Now we need you to step to the plate.  Tara Lewis, Bronx, NY

I am writing to ask you to rethink your recent actions and positions which have moved you away from open primaries and opening up the political process.  The American people have a right to choose the person that best represents them and should not be limited to a political party that seldom encompasses all that the individual believes.  Dr. John Edmundson, VA
  •  In California, is doing a phonathon today in support of the redistricting initiative Prop 20, and campaigning for Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor. Phonathon participants will be writing their letters to Obama on the spot.
  • Activists in the New York City Independence Party are spearheading the drive to take us over the 50 mark! 
  • Dr. John Edmundson of Richmond, VA wrote his own letter and then he got 3 other friends to sign letters.  He has printed out 30 letters and plans on getting more over the weekend
  • Catana Barnes of Reno, NV has posted her letter on the brand new Independent of Nevada website and Solomon Kleinsmith of Omaha, NE posted his letter on his blog and challenged others to write theirs.
If you've already written your letter, talk to other independents in your network about writing letters as well. Let us know who you're talking to and what you're doing to take this campaign out so we can let everyone know!

Here is where you send your letter.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500
Email the president at: 
 Fax: 202-456-2461
Please send us a copy of your letter to or fax to: 212-609-2801

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