Monday, June 18, 2012

More News of the Day for Independent Voters - June 18

  • President Obama’s Cleveland speech: An independent appeal (Posted by Chris CillizzA, Washington Post/The Fix) President Obama’s speech on the economy Thursday in Cleveland made one thing plain: He and his political team believe that the two parties’ bases are entirely cemented — either for or against him — and the path to victory lies with a tiny sliver of people who remain on the fence about which party is a better for them.
  • In Focus Group, Independent Voters Souring on Obama (by Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast) They backed him last time, but now say they see the president as a weak leader. Five months from Election Day, can the White House hear the harsh message pollsters are sending? 
  • Arizona Libertarian Party Opens Primary to Independent Voters (by Jim Iannuzo, The Libertarian Solution) Our Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, is actively trying to reach more libertarian-minded independents through his 2012 presidential campaign. The Libertarian Party continues to be the voice of reason, freedom and independent thought in American Politics.

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