Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arizona Open Primary Appeal: Independent Should Not Have to Pay for That

OpenPrimary Appeal Reaches Arizona Supreme Court (By Kymberly Bays, IVN) “If the initiative passes, it is entirely up to [the political parties] how they would like to run elections. They can gather signatures, set up online voting, hold a convention,” says Open Government committee member and co-author of the Open Elections/Open Government Act, Karen Schroeder. “The key point is Arizona independents should not have to pay for that.” “1 in 3 Arizona voters are independents. It’s very unfair to expect those voters to fund partisan primary elections,” she adds.

IndependentVoters Rule Congressional District 9 - Arizona's newest district (AP, KFYI Phoenix) At 34.6 percent of the roughly 362,000 voters in the district, more are registered as independents than either Republicans or Democrats. About 34 percent are listed as Republicans and 30 percent are listed as Democrats.

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richardwinger said...

Even if the initiative passes, all taxpayers would still be paying for the process of maintaining voter registration records, which show which party (if any) a voter is registered into. Parties get a free list of those records. And even if the initiative passes, Arizona will still help parties obtain small donations, via the checkoff form on state income forms that ask people if they want to help a party. If the purpose of the initiative is to end taxpayer support for parties, why weren't those subsidies also repealed?