Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Does President Obama Not Understand About Independent Voters: Structural Political Reform

Morton Kondracke says Prez Obama ignored independents in his acceptance speech at the Democratic Party convention. Personally, I don't think he ignored independent voters -- worse, he has no idea who independents are and therefore addresses independents mistakenly. This is especially disturbing given that independents were his margin of victory, in open primary states, in a hotly contested Democratic primary against Hillary "My Turn" Clinton in 2008, and went on to become his margin of victory in a ruthlessly honest and proud battle against the powers that be in the general election. Fortunately, independents are not depending on the President to fight for us. But he would be smart to call for Congressional Hearings on the state of independent voters, now 40 percent of the electorate, who suffer all manner of indignities and infringement of voting rights.


ramon pena said...

Being ignored is not a good feeling. Whether it is personal or political. Unfortunately this act of being ignored by our President has made my decision for voting in November a lot harder. It can be insulting when the people that actually put him in office was not even acknowledged at the convention. Again this is what parties and partisanship is all about. Is it too late? I dont know, all I do know is he had a missed opportunity and people, especially Independents dont forget.

Nancy Hanks said...

Thanks, ramon pena!

Your comment makes me think about what we independents need to do, and do again and again and again, to gain the attention of the President, or any of these party-elected supervisors of policy.

Certainly, we speak with independents and organize.!