Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Hankster Becomes Bi-Lingual ¡En español!

Independent Activist Ramon Pena Joins The Hankster

If you have noticed several recent posts en español on The Hankster, it's because Ramon Pena, long-time activist with the NYC Independence Party and, is now on board as a correspondent.

Ramon is outspoken on issues such as open primaries, nonpartisan elections, independent redistricting, and other voting rights for independents.

You can read his story here about his journey from East Harlem Democrat to national independent grassroots leader...

Enjoy his voice on The Hankster.

La lucha continua!!

Thanks, Ramon!


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Randy Miller said...

Sasa kama tunaweza kupata tu Richard Winga kuanza posting katika Kiswahili ;)