Friday, August 16, 2013

Dog Days of August: Is There an Independent Movement?

Yes, there is!

Summer independent barometer of top two open primaries and the upsurge of the independent voting movement indicates a hot spot for independent voters.

Hanksteristas will note that we have been very focused on the New York City mayoral candidacy of Adolfo Carrion.  (Special thanks to our new correspondent Ramon Pena for his stalwart correspondence en Espanol!)

And rightly so -- Adolfo Carrion is the independent option for Mayor of NYC in the November election.

But, YES, New York, there is a world out there beyond the over-crowded, over-heated, over-stressed, over-politicized, under-developed, under-served, humanity-teeming streets of NYC!

So I spent a few minutes today perusing the news and came up with a few gems. Things seem to be perculating outside of Starbucks, and developing beyond the stars....

Hope you'll read on!

From Florida's Ray Hudkins:

The NBC/CNN/Hillary Clinton/Republican Party Soap Opera and Voters
By Ray Hudkins on 08/15/2013

Florida Independent Voting.Org normally sticks to straight fact based reporting on the pro and con arguments on Top 2 Open Primaries.  We are a non-partisan movement and do not endorse candidates or take positions on current issues.  However a recent interview of Reince Priebus (Republican National Committee Chair) on Morning Joe brought into the open an interesting and not surprising view of the thinking of the Republican Party.  What does that have to do with Top 2? 

Recently, Chuck Todd (NBC News Political Director and host of “The Daily Rundown”) spoke out on the plans for NBC Entertainment to air a mini-series on Hillary Clinton.  Todd labeled the new NBC miniseries a “total nightmare for the network’s news division” — adding another voice to the increasing backlash against the project.  He went on to say “No matter what, only we are going to own it, because people are going to see the peacock, and they see NBC, and they see NBC News, and they think, ‘Well, they can’t be that separate.”

From Catana L. Barnes, President, Independent Voters of Nevada:
Federal election commission not addressing independent-voter concerns

President Obama’s newly appointed Commission on Election Administration has begun holding public hearings around the country. The 10 member body is tasked with presenting recommendations to the president about how to “improve the voting experience.” Independent voters have a lot to say on this topic.Representatives of independent voter groups in Virginia, New York and Florida attended hearings in DC and Miami and submitted testimony. Other local independent voter groups including mine, Independent Voters of Nevada (IVON), who are under the umbrella of (a national association for independent voters), will be attending the hearings scheduled for Denver, Philadelphia and Ohio.

And an unfortunately lack-luster informational entry from PBS by Jordan Vesey quoting only Rush Limbaugh... Primary Elections Unscrambled

New Jersey voters head to the polls Tuesday for two critical primary contests that will determine who will be competing in the Oct. 16 general election to find a permanent replacement for the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a Democrat. Each state sets its own laws governing when they're held, who can vote in them, and how candidates advance to the general election. In some states, primaries are considered to be more important than the general election. Primaries come in two main categories: partisan and non-partisan.

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