Thursday, October 24, 2013

Media, Media, On the Wall, Who Is the Most Independent of Them All?

Adolfo Carrion, the Independence Party candidate for NYC Mayor, was a guest last weekend on PIX11 (one of my favorite channels for news). See this sharp and intelligent roundtable interview below.

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Most media covering this mayoral race are connecting phrases in like "Carrion has 2% support in the polls" and "is not permitted to join the three official mayoral debates"

Ex. "Independent mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion Jr. was left out of the recent mayoral debates for not meeting the polling requirement. He only received two percent in the polls."

PIX11 says: "For many years Adolfo Carrion was viewed as the Latino community's best hope for winning city office. Running as the nominee of the Independence Party, Carrion has 2% support in the polls and is not permitted to join the three official mayoral debates."

Translation: "Adolfo Carrion should have stayed a Democrat and helped the Democratic Party corral the Latino vote to put the Democratic candidate in office. Since he became an independent, he is excommunicated from NYC politics!"

And yet, as David Chen so eloquently put it in his prescient February New York Times article Adolfo Carrion is not deterred.

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