Monday, October 30, 2006

Florida: Independent voters on the rise!

Independent voters fastest-growing segment of the electorate in Florida
''It's the same stuff, year after year,'' he said. ``This election probably isn't much different.''
Except in this regard: The political parties are turning off people such as Panopoulas, who, as an independent voter, is part of the fastest-growing segment of the electorate in Florida and, most dramatically, in Flagler......

'Other' voters could hold keyFlorida candidates go after independentsBy
News Press (Southwest Florida): Their numbers are growing faster than any other voting group, but how to win independent voters remains a big question as the Nov. 7 election approaches.

BY THE NUMBERS State voter totals:• Republican: 3,937,203• Democrat: 4,236,949• Other: 2,274,739*Although Democrats have more registered voters, the GOP majority in the state House and Senate, Congress, the Cabinet and governor's seat, as well as the numbers voting for President Bush, put the state in the Republican column.Lee County• Republican: 152,869• Democrat: 93,343• Other: 78,079

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