Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A special message from the New York City leaders of the Independence Party

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th, 2006. Eliot Spitzer is going to win - everyone knows that. He will be New York's next Governer. The only question is, how will he win.

Eilot Spitzer and David Paterson are running on the Democratic Party line and the Independence Party line -- Column "C" on the ballot. Voters get to choose how to vote and while the votes are tallied together in the end, where they are cast makes a difference.

If you vote for Spitzer on the Democratic line (Column "B") you are giving him a blank check. If you vote for him on Column "C" it's like sending him a telegram that says "We don't want a partisan Governor. We want reform. And we'll be watching you".

Traditionally, New York City does not get its fair share from Albany. We get taken for granted. Remember the protracted court case around school funding? Voters in NYC began to impact on that when we elected a nonpartisan Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, who was willing to take on Albany and the two parties to help us get our fair share. That was the Bloomberg revolution and we need to keep that going.

Every vote we cast for Spitzer and Paterson on Column "C" sends a powerful message that we the voters want them to govern not as loyal Democrats, but as leaders who are loyal to all the voters of New York. It's a way of demanding a new kind of politics in this state.

Please join us in voting for Eilot Spitzer on Column "C" and join the campaign team by talking with your friends and family about voting for Spitzer on "C".

For more information, please call 212-962-1699, or email The Hankster

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