Friday, November 03, 2006

Bridge To the Center

Washington Post
By David Ignatius
"I asked Clinton at the end of this long campaign day to sum up where she will be going in 2007 and beyond, and her answer sounded like a version of America as Upstate New York: "Americans are primarily pragmatic," she said....."

I daresay Hillary is the pragmatic one! For us New York City voters, this spells a Take-Them-For-Granted-Theyll-Never-Vote-Republican scenario. However, Mrs. Clinton's "bridge to the center" is, in the words of New York based independent political strategist Jacqueline Salit, suspended above the rising waters of independent voters -- now more than a third of the electorate nationally.

For those who dont know, Mrs. Clinton and her slate-mate Eliot Spitzer, who is running for governor of New York this year and will win, fought dirty for the nomination of the Independence Party, Column C, because they need the votes in Republican Upstate.

In the midst of the highly partisan and anti-reform environment of New York State politics, voters in New York City have an option to make a non-partisan, pro-reform statement:

Dont give the Democrats a blank check statement. Vote for Spitzer on Column C, the Independence Party line. -NH

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