Wednesday, November 01, 2006

California: "For Angelides, they're just voting for the 'D' "

That's what Field Poll (catchy name, there) director Mark DiCamillo said in John Wildermuth's article in the San Francisco Chronicle -- "CAMPAIGN 2006: Field Poll Wide support for governor in last survey before vote"...

And next up was the LA Times blog "Reaction to the Field Poll - Tidal Wave for Schwarzenegger", a post that includes a lot of media verse on the Field Poll.

In the meantime, what should independent voters in California be doing? FROM THE GRASSROOTS:Independents: Vote Yes on Prop 89By Harriet Hoffman
Independent voters are the engine for political reform. We have to take the opportunity to support every reform measure – win or lose. That's why we're supporting Proposition 89 – known as the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, -- will be on the ballot this November.

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