Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Minnesota: The Decline of the Independence Party

From Eric Ostermeier on Smart Politics:
The Independence Party will retain its major party status in 2008, thanks to Peter Hutchinson's performance in the race for governor, but the party is facing an increased difficulty in distinguishing itself from the DFL, who appears to be drawing support away from IP candidates....


mike said...

I don't so much think it's a decline as it is the Democrats and Republicans have learned how to handle the Independence Party. The difference in # of candidates is a function of two things first of all the # of major offices in which the Independence Party fielded candidates was at an all time high, and the lack of a sitting governor.

All party building factors were at all time highs, it's just a matter of using the resources and energy from a campaign and convert it to real party orginization.

N. Hanks said...

Mike - thanks for your comment, and thanks for hanging in there! I have recently changed the comments section to require me to approve because there were a number of unwanted commercial messages posted.

Anyway, glad to know the MN IP is alive and well.

Are you coming to New York for the January conference? Email me, please!