Friday, May 22, 2009


  • * Independents Take Center Stage in Obama Era-Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes: 1987-2009 (Pew Research Center for the People & the Press)
  • * Pew: Independent Voters Are Conflicted, Centrist and At a 70-Year High (Politics Daily blog)
  • * Pew Poll Notes Rise In Independent Voters (NPR) Kohut says this just means that independent voters are "unbalanced centrists"
  • * A Headline That Tells Half The Story-From the Huffington Post:  Obama's New Electorate: Poll Shows GOP Deteriorating (Politics.The Atlantic)
  • * Dems Making Massive Gains As GOP Deteriorates: Pew Poll (Thomas B. Edsall, Huffington Post)
  • * Power players - POLITICS: With GOP influence dwindling, moderate Democrats may be the only senators who can slow President Obama’s ambitious agenda (Edward Lee Pitts, World - Todays News, Christian Views)
  • * LETTER: Democrats are keeping people of color down (South Coast (MA)

  • * American Idol holds big lessons for American democracy (Examiner - DC) Here are just a few of American Idol’s lessons for American democracy: 1.  Open primaries....
  • * The Experts Expound - “What’s the first thing you would you do to fix the Capitol’s structural mess? Simple-majority vote for budgets and taxes? Eliminate term limits? Open primaries? Part-time Legislature? Something else? (Capitol Weekly - the newspaper of California government)

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BurrDeming said...

As usual, an informative collection of links. Thanks.

The letter about charges by a perennial third party candidate is a bit below your high average, but I guess being everlastingly above average is a mathematical improbability.