Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Former Kentucky Gov to Independents: Drop Dead!

The fight for inclusion of independent voters in primaries continues to escalate across the country:

In Kentucky, where a bill for open primaries is introduced into the State House by Rep. Jimmy Higdon, newly elected by independents led by local activist Michael Lewis (you won't want to miss Michael's interaction captured on CNN with Dick Mattingly with State Sen. Julian "Love It Or Leave It" Carroll)...

In California, a referendum to make the first round of voting (primaries) open to all candidates and all voters (called "Top Two" and based on a similar system in Washington state) is supported by independents and popular at the grassroots level, but opposed by the official parties -- including minor parties and their spokespeople like Libertarian Party member Richard Winger. Personally I think Winger, who is the country's leading expert and a staunch proponent of fair ballot access for independent and third party candidates, is on the wrong side of this issue. To keep up on pro-open primary news, see OpenPrimaries.org



  • Independence for Independents (Louisville Mojo) The Kentucky State Senate voted this week to allow independent voters to participate in the Commonwealth's previously closed primary elections. The measure was split along party lines, with the Republican majority voting in favor.
  • Bloggers berate Sen. Carroll for losing cool on CNN (By Paul Glasser, The State Journal Frankfort KY)
  • CNN: Independents ( like Michael Lewis) fight (politicians like Julian Carroll) to be heard! VIDEO Kentucky House approves bill allowing indies to vote in primary, bill moves to Senate.... STAY TUNED!

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