Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm an Independent Voter - Can I Vote in the Primary in Georgia?

Yes you can!

Registering as an Independent in Georgia
In Georgia, there is no partisan registration, and primaries are “open”, or accessible to everyone regardless of party affiliation.  While this means it’s harder to tell how many of us there are, it also means we are able to have an influence on both primary and general elections.  Independents in many states with “closed” primaries are now fighting to get their states to open their primaries so their voices can be heard.  The major parties in several states with “open” primaries are now fighting to close the process – understandably given the rapidly increasing numbers of independents across the country.  Polling of Georgia voters indicate that 30% of voters consider themselves to be independent, though our polling suggest that the percentage is much higher (as high as 50-60%). is screening candidates -- see here for recommendations...

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