Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kentucky Coffee Party Hosts "Rise of The Independent Voter" Panel

Link to live-stream clip from "The Rise of The Independent Voter" workshop last week at the Coffee Party gathering at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky.
Gwen Mandell and Michael Lewis

 Independent voters are the fastest growing segment of the American electorate. There has been much conjecture by the media and political pundits about which way independents will swing, but less is being written about the up from the bottom political reform movement against partisanship that is growing across the country. This workshop will focus on the Rise of the Independent Voter. Who are independents? What does this political reform movement look like and where is it headed? On this panel, Gwen Mandell and Michael Lewis of will discuss important fights independents are waging for political reform around the country. Linda Killian, award-winning journalist and author, will discuss her recent travels swing states researching her book on Independent and Swing voters.

Reach Michael Lewis at Independent Kentucky. Reach Gwen Mandell at

Also see A Trans-partisan Dialogue moderated by Joseph McCormick (Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express, progressive blogger Elisa Batista, Michael Lewis of, Annabel Park of Coffee Party USA, Lawrence Lessig, Mark McKinnon)

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