Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Parties Are Over!

The Parties Are Over (by Jacqueline Salit, NEW YORK NEWSDAY) Goodbye two-Party system? Discontent is building to open up the political process

Jacqueline Salit

“The Rise of Unaffiliated Voters” (Kathryn Mobley with Dr. Omar H. Ali, National Public Radio - 88.5 WFDD, North Carolina)
Dr. Omar H. Ali

EXCLUSIVE: Filmmaker Michael Moore on Midterm Elections, the Tea Party, and the Future of the Democratic Party (Democracy Now with Amy Goodman)
Michael Moore

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Solomon Kleinsmith said...

I wasn't expecting to see concrete evidence on this so quickly, but all you have to do to see how terrible top two primary systems are for independents is look at the cases of Eliot Cutler and Lincoln Chafee.

Neither would have made it to the general election, but Chafee won, and Cutler lost in a squeeker... and probably would have won had he had a few more days... proving the point I made months ago that independents BADLY NEED the entire campaign calendar to play catch up with the built in advantages the two major parties have.

Pushing for top two systems in other states is the worst thing you could be doing for the budding independent groundswell. For heaven's sake, read the writing on the wall.