Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kentucky Independents' Michael Lewis Speaks About Gatewood Galbraith Passing

Former Kentucky governor candidate Gatewood Galbraith dies (WDRB-Louisville) Lawyer and frequent candidate for Kentucky governor Gatewood Galbraith has died.  The Fayette County Coroner's Office says family members found him at home on his bed, "unresponsive."  It said he had been ill for several days with congestion in his lungs and suffering from "cold-like symptoms which had been complicated by chronic asthma and emphysema."

If you live in Kentucky and want to participate in a bottom-up movement to include independents and ordinary Americans in our political process, contact Mike  at the grassroots affiliate of at Independent Kentucky. Kentucky has a fast growing population of independent voters. With independents being 40% of the electorate nationally Independent Kentucky is working to make strides in educating independent voters and making sure the movement is heard.

IK Leadership Team
Michael Lewis
Chairman: Michael P. W. Lewis

Alexander Kemble Co-Chairman: Alexander Kemble

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