Thursday, January 12, 2012

American Elects, Ron Paul and the Third Party Option

  • Has Ron Paul thought of this? (Clarence Page, Times - Tennessee Valley) But I am skeptical that adding another candidate selection process will solve more headaches than it creates, although from a journalist’s standpoint, it could be fun to cover. That’s why I was not joking with my Paul-Clinton ticket question. A web-based alternative nominating process is almost tailor-made for Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s army of web-savvy supporters if he loses his Republican presidential bid, as widely expected. A groundswell of support for him already is beginning to appear among Americans Elect delegates.
  • Opinion: Now is the Best Time for a Third Party to Rise (By Solomon Kleinsmith) A centrist third party could prosper in today’s political environment and end the stalemate in Washington. There is a large body of moderate Republicans, disaffected Democrats and dissatisfied independents looking for the kind of political home that this party could provide. Unhappiness with the political options now available to Americans will sooner or later translate into a groundswell for alternatives.

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