Thursday, February 02, 2012

Open Primaries, Up or Down? Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee

  • Lawmaker Wants to Put Squeeze on Open Primaries (by Joe White, Nashville Public Radio) State Senator Stacy Campfield, a Knoxville Republican, has filed a bill to make cross-over voting more difficult.
  • Editorial: Let All N.M. Voters Vote (By Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board) Almost 200,000 New Mexicans who have taken the trouble to register to vote have decided not to declare an affiliation with a political party. And every primary Election Day, those almost 200,000 New Mexicans are told not to trouble themselves by casting a ballot.
  • Mo. Primary Election Looms (by Don Corrigan, Webster Kirkwood Times) The argument against the open primary in Missouri is that it allows pachyderms to vote on the donkeys' ballots and vice versa. Although I consider myself an Independent, I have upset some of my GOP buddies when I've told them that I've participated in their pachyderm primaries. I think open primaries make sense.

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