Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wile E. Voter

Is Roadrunner finally done for? More on Monday.


richardwinger said...

If we had the top-two open primary in presidential elections, the cartoon's showing only two choices on the November ballot, Obama and Romney, would be utterly and tragically correct.

Nancy Hanks said...

It's not about the candidates, it's about the parties and their uber-control of the electoral process. The way out? Independent voters access to the primaries: open primaries.

We need structural political reform in order to bring ordinary Americans into the process. Partisanship is a killer.

Randy Miller said...

In fact the only two choices on the ballot in a top 2 system are those selected by the people. It is no guarantee that any race will boil down to a bout between a Republican and Democrat or any other party. In fact, there are many cases where the contrary may be shown. It is a system that merely guarantees the title bout will be between two prize fighters of the peoples' choosing. Thanks for resurrecting a very worthy topic however.
In a top two system you probably would not see establishment contenders like Romney.
Truthfully, I am unlikely to vote for either candidate pictured in the cartoon this year anyway, so let me help you steer this in a more positive direction. Who is the Libertarian candidate and why would I vote for them other than to demonstrate there are plenty of us willing to choose something other than plain old vanilla and chocolate?

richardwinger said...

Gary Johnson would legalize marijuana. That alone would severely cut into the drug profits made by the Mexican drug lords and cause many of them to stop doing what they are doing, which would save thousands of lives.