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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Power of Editorial Cartoons

If any non-fictional character has the power to push the Earth off its axis, it had to be some of the talented artists at the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists' convention in Salt Lake City this week.
I had a chance to visit with Daryl Cagle, Bill Day, Howard Tayler, Steve Benson, and of course Pat Bagley. I was lucky enough to get a photo with a couple of the celebs; Daryl Cagle on the left and Pat Bagley in the photo on the right (on my left).

Daryl Cagle is the mastermind behind a clearinghouse for editorial cartoons worldwide. Pat Bagley doodled his first political cartoon while in a finance class at Brigham Young University. The school paper published it and shortly afterwards it ran in Time Magazine. I guess that's a pretty good way to start off. He works primarily for the Salt Lake Tribune currently.


William J. Kelleher, Ph.D. said...

I like the work of political cartoonist Doug Davis, at the Los Angeles Downtown News – more info at

Nancy Hanks said...

Bill - any chance you could post some of his work on The Hankster? Would be great!