Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary: The best Dem?

Hillary is The Democrats' Best Shot (by Mark Penn-Salem News - North Carolina)

Hillary "is broadly popular with women, African-Americans, and other core groups in the Democratic Party, and she is one of the party’s best fund-raisers and most sought-after speakers. She is admired by many independents and Republicans in New York, winning re-election last year by a 30 percentage-point margin...." (New York Times)

I have to give it to the Times for their carefully worded analysis of Hillary Clinton's relationship to independents in New York. Let's not forget that Mrs. Clinton insisted on the removal of leading African American independent Dr. Lenora Fulani from the executive committe of the Independence Party of New York, a task that state chairman Frank MacKay was all too eager to carry out, adding a number of other New York City black and Jewish members . Words in the New York Times will not erase the fact that 5,000 New York City Independence Party members fought against a racist and undemocratic effort on the part of Chairman MacKay to destroy the City operation, and won on the ground and in the courts over a six-month period. -NH

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