Monday, January 15, 2007

Independents, the war, and John McCain

For McCain, the problem is that independent voters, who have long found him an appealing candidate, are turning against the war but he isn't. (Buffalo News)

Many of those independents were attracted by McCain's image as a plucky outsider with little money in the bank and no big-name supporters. If he runs for president in 2008, he'll run as one of the most well-known figures in politics, with prominent fundraisers and GOP heavyweights lining up to join him. (Concord Monitor)

...Though the public overall strongly opposes the Bush plan, 67% of Republicans in a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll this month said they favored committing more troops to Iraq. Only 13% of Democrats and 34% of independents supported the idea. Nearly eight in 10 Republicans said it was not a mistake to send troops to Iraq in the first place; 82% of Democrats and 62% of independents said it was. McCain has been a leading advocate for a troop increase. (USA Today)

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