Tuesday, January 30, 2007

McCain: a "Bob Dole-ized" candidate?

By James P. Pinkerton-- Chuck Hagel is hot - John McCain is not (Newsday) ...So say goodbye to the media's portrayal of "St. John" McCain, the flinty, brave maverick. And say hello, instead, to a new "Bob Dole-ized" McCain. Like the Kansas Republican, who, as a 70-something, was mostly portrayed during the 1996 presidential campaign as a cranky and ranting old man, the 70-year-old Arizonan is being portrayed that way now....

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Minor Ripper said...

McCain has got big issues, among them not really looking all that well and his reputation for having periodic meltdowns and a white hot temper. He seems to me to be the Republican equivalent of the Bob Dole candidacy in 1996: an old, flawed, weak candidate who happens to be the next in line and was loyal the last time around. Not sure if you've seen this swift-boat type attack video on McCain that was recently released or not, I've got it up on my blog: