Tuesday, February 13, 2007

But is Obama Ready for Black Independents?

This is a repeat of a post from Feb. 10 - "back by popular demand..." Long considered the political property of the Democratic Party, black voters have developed a new found independence. Will Obama stand with Lenora Fulani, as Rev. Sharpton has, as the leading independent voice for black America? How Barack Obama chooses to relate to the black independent will be a true test of his ability to put principles before partisanship.

Independents are Ready for Barack Obama. But is Obama Ready for Black Independents?
February 10, 2008
By Lenora Fulani
Two weeks ago, I spoke at a national conference of independent voters. There were 500 activist independents, from 31 states – over a third of whom were African American. This conference was the latest indicator that black voters are more politically volatile these days, more independent in their voting and thinking. Many will be receptive to Barack Obama and his presidential campaign. A pressing question is whether he will return the interest. Independents may be ready for Obama. But is Obama ready for us? .... Is Obama Ready for Independents?

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