Wednesday, September 05, 2007



jeff roby said...

Chris Bowers on OpenLeft writes:

"Those Democrats who endlessly stress the need for Democrats to capture the partisan and ideological center are extremely myopic, as they ignore how Democrats have risen to power equally on the strength of a swing among the ideological and partisan left. This is a phenomenon we ignore at our own peril, since not only are ideological and partisan lefties swing voting blocks equal in size to ideological and partisan centrists, but ideological and partisan lefties are also the majority of swing activists who choose whether or not to donate money to Dems, and whether or not to volunteer for Dems. As such, angering the ideological and partisan left can not only cost Democrats votes, but can also cost them the resources necessary to target other swing voting blocks. This, I believe, clearly makes self-identified liberals and self-identified Democrats the most important swing group of all for Democrats."

Let me clarify the language. By "ideological lefties" he is referring to left independents, as opposed to committed left Democrats ("partisan").

jeff roby said...

Further clarification. On OpenLeft, they often make the mistake of equating independents with centrists (between Democrats and Republicans). Thus the use of the term "ideological progressives" for progressive independents, to distinguish it from the MISUSE of the term independents by the Beltway bandits.