Thursday, October 04, 2007


  • "We're frustrated!" Missouri independent voters form Show Me Independents "The US has been profoundly hurt by ideological and political labeling..." (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

  • Cultural divide, political polarization (Des Moines Register)

  • Right Ideas, Wrong Party-The Kucinich Quandary (CounterPunch)

  • Is Ron Paul quirky enough to get elected? (Politico) and Ron Paul: A spoiler, not a contender (Politico) NOTE: We wish this report was ironic, but alas, in the BizarroWorld of the MSM, it's all about the votes. News: for some candidates, it's not about the votes, it's about the message, stupid!

  • Poll: the Clintons are okay (Washington Post)

  • Obama Tries to Overcome Clinton’s African-American Advantage (CQ Politics)

  • Virginia: Candidate Redmond faces party sanctions for political gaffe (Journal Press)

  • Oregon: At the Heart of Who We Are as a People - "impeachment is essential" (by John Frohnmayer-OpEdNews)

  • Lesser known gubernatorial candidates depend on stumping, Internet to get out message -- debate tonight (Shreveport Times)

  • The Netroots Battlefield in the ’08 Presidential Campaign-Declarations of the Death of Blogger Power Are Greatly Exaggerated (Special to The Narco News Bulletin) NOTE: Tied to Dems? That's a slow painful death.....

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