Wednesday, October 31, 2007


  • Purple Dreams-"More people in the state have moved to the independent category, so they're considering Democratic candidates—that's the difference," Jaquet said. "They're beginning to see the alternatives." (Boise Weelky)
  • Independents Rise Up In New HampshireHow Do New Hampshire Voters Compare To California?-"We've seen the undeclared numbers increase and increase and increase," says New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner. (ABC 30 - Calif)
  • Public Mind's advice to challengers: Get out the independents (Star Ledger blog)
  • Poll: Arkansas Voters Lean Left (THE MORNING NEWS)
  • "Losing Third Parties Don't Change History"-Doeth he protest too much? (Town Hall)
  • Mega-donors prepare for '08 battle (Ben Smith - Politico)
  • Barack Obama Shines in Philadelphia Debate, ‘Standing Out from the Pack,’ (
  • Gravel plans own simultaneous debate (Boston Globe)
  • Debate draws a vocal chorus/Nay-sayers and sign-wavers. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Party Dominance at Stake in Louisiana Runoff (Southern Political Report)
  • New York State Highest Court Will Hear Case on Local Parties v State Organizations (Ballot Access News)

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