Monday, March 22, 2010

Californians For An Open Primary Announce Association Of California School Administrators Endorsement

This just in:

Today, the California Association of School Administrators (ACSA) joined statewide opinion leaders AARP and Cal Chamber in endorsing Proposition 14 – the reform measure that will change Sacramento by changing the people Californians send there to represent them.

"ACSA supports the idea of an open primary," said ACSA Executive Director Bob Wells. "For far too many years we have seen legislative gridlock, especially when it comes to passing the budget. The Legislature has become highly partisan, so getting things accomplished in the Capitol has become increasingly challenging. In these tough times we need more legislators who will work together to reach acceptable compromises and move the state forward."
ACSA’s endorsement comes just days after an appellate court delivered the final blow to partisan politicians when they rejected a last-minute attempt to re-write the ballot title and summary for Proposition 14.
Open primaries will ensure all voters have equal access to the same ballot and will encourage competition among candidates and put pragmatic leaders in the Capitol.

from Amanda Fulkerson (818-823-1108) at Yes On 14

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