Thursday, March 04, 2010

Open Primaries, Redistricting, Independent Candidates: Towards a Citizen Legislature?

Arizona Repubs snub independent voters, jump on anti-open primaries bandwagon, debate continues over Prop 14 in California... Two Dems-turned-independent in Colorado push forward with equal registration timeline requirements for unaffiliated and independent candidates.... And 31,000 Californians sign up to be on the Citizens Redistricting Commission...

  • Opening the electoral process-Independent candidates push goes to Denver (by Christine Rasmussen, Durango Telegraph) La Plata County Commissioner Joelle Riddle’s push for equal registration-timeline requirements for unaffiliated or independent candidates passed its first test Feb. 22. The Colorado House Judiciary Committee smiled on Colorado House Bill-1271 with an 11-0 vote.
  • Busy morning in Legislature (by Joe Hanel, Durango Herald Denver Bureau) Also Wednesday: b The House passed Rep. Kathleen Curry's bill to allow unaffiliated candidates more time to declare their intent to run for office. Curry dropped out of the Democratic Party in December, too late to qualify for the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate. La Plata County Commissioner Joelle Riddle has the same problem for this year's election. Curry's HB 1271 passed the House 58-7. Both Roberts and Tipton voted for it. It now heads to the Senate, but even if it passes, it would not help Riddle and Curry, because it would take effect in 2012.

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