Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hankster: Political Parties, Unaffiliated Legislators, Nonpartisan Elections and Education Reform

Bob Reid at California Majority Report says it best when it comes to explaining why political parties are against California's open primary initiative Proposition 14... Colorado House Bill 1271, introduced by unaffiliated state legislator Kathleen Curry with support from unaffiliated county commissioner Joelle Riddle, would make it easier for unaffiliated candidates, was amended Monday night to make it effective immediately... Independent attorney Harry Kresky says NYC should take another run at nonpartisan elections.... Tom Burrell echoes Dr. Lenora Fulani's comments on education at Rev. Al Sharpton's 2010 National Action Network conference.

  • HOW TO JUDGE A JUDGE (Harry Kresky, Legal Briefs blog) Obama Supreme Court Justice pick Elena Kagan
  • Voters Shifting to GOP, Poll Finds (By PETER WALLSTEN, NAFTALI BENDAVID and JEAN SPENCER, Wall Street Journal)
  • Democrat governor candidate goes after independent vote - In branding himself as an “independent Democrat,” South Dakota governor candidate Scott Heidepriem is acknowledging the growing influence of the state’s independent voters. (By: Seth Tupper, The Daily Republic - Mitchell SD)
  • Professor Michael McDonald, Expert on Voter Registration, Says Minor Parties Are Only Group of Voters Gaining Numerically (Ballot Access News) November 2008, the number of registered Republicans has declined 3.5%, the number of registered Democrats has declined 2.7%, the number of registered independents has declined 1.6%, and the number of voters registered in minor parties has increased 2.4%.
  • Bloomberg Takes Aim at Watchdog Agency Again (By MICHAEL HOWARD SAUL, Wall Street Journal) This spring, when asked whether the Charter Revision Commission should eliminate the office, Mr. Bloomberg said he couldn't remember his campaign call to elminate it. Instead, he said, "I think it's something the Charter Revision Commission should consider but, you know, we have a good public advocate now."
  • Charter Revision Commission Decides On Public Forum Topics (By: Grace Rauh, NY1)  "Americans across the country are very concerned about the hyperpartisanship in Washington and Albany and New York City. We don't think it's the same climate at all," said Harry Kresky of the New York City Independence Party.
  • Dr Lenora Fulani Promotes a Real Educational Agenda (Tom Burrell, Stop the Brainwash) Fulani at the National Action Network Education Panel 4.15.10  (Marketing communications pioneer and Advertising Hall of Fame inductee Tom Burrell is credited with revolutionizing the image of African Americans in television and changing the face of American advertising. During his tenure as a top advertising executive, he coined the now-famous phrase, “Black people are not dark-skinned white people.” His award-winning work promoted positive and realistic images of blacks and acknowledged the purchasing power of the African American community. In 2007 Burrell founded the Resolution Project,, a nonprofit organization that promotes intra-racial dialogue and community-based new media “stop the brainwash” campaigns. “Our task is to use propaganda to eradiate negative images and replace them with a bombardment of positive words and images.” He also plans to launch the New B’s, a catalyst for stimulating thought and more dialogue. He lives in Chicago’s South Loop area. BRAINWASHED: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority is his first book.)

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