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Live Blogging Jackie Salit's National Conference Call: Inching Toward Washington

7:25pm - Salit - a few insiders are beginning to see this -- Obama looking to youth. Must do his part to reconnect to youth and indies..... But, in the complex and chaotic world we live in, there's an indication that the insiders are looking to us.

Reason to believe that Washington and the insiders are listening.

Our mission is to exist. And to give voice to the people.

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7:22pm - Salit: the recent campaign finance ruling by the Supreme Court [see Harry Kresky's HuffPo pieceIn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 130 S. Ct. 876 (2010), decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in early 2010, the Court ruled that the First Amendment bars limits on independent expenditures by corporations and labor unions in support of candidates for federal office. By increasing the leverage of non-party players, the ruling may well loosen the hold of the major parties on the electoral process.]

independent reformers aren't afraid of competition!

NYC independents involved in persuading NYC voters to go for nonpartisan elections. The partisan forces are angry at us! Their strategy is no longer viable, but they hold on to this tactic.

We are NOT a tea party. Tea Party was created in reacting to US (independents who elected Barack Obama). We are not the Coffee Party, set up in reaction to the reaction to the Tea Party.....

We are independents. We are building an independent movement.

7:19pm - Salit: Mike Bloomberg in NYC has sought independent support, and more and more "big shots" are doing that, but -- ordinary voices, candidates, are building a new reform movement (including social networkers like Randy Miller (Utah), Michael Lewis (Kentucky), Linda Ricke, Sylvester Smith and Reynaldo Gutierrez from Florida, and Mike Pickering (Georgia).. . Jason Olson (
415-606-4130 California), Mitch Campbell (Idaho), Kim Wright (South Dakota)...... and Nolan DiFrancesco in Maryland....

The power and influence of our movement is growing.

Beyond the "good government" voices. Old voices. The parties won't lead this. They won't give up their control. These grassroots leaders are taking the heat.

7:13 - Salit: the more hysterical and partisan the powers that be become, the more magnetic the force of independents. Specifically: Jason Olson (see CNN video), Abel Maldonado on Prop 14 in California (SF Chronicle endorsement, etc.) Lt. Gov. Maldonado (renegade Repub) spoke with Salit and Olson and realized that in order to be effective, has to have a connection to the independent movement on the ground in CA... (the rate that political figures are becoming independent -- CHARLIE CRIST -- "let's put the interests of the people ahead of the parties" -- JS urged his team to take the next necessary step: open primaries!! The process is controlled by the parties.... Gov. Crist has to become an advocate for open primaries.)

7:11 - Salit: the strength of Rome was also its defeat. Now to US, Goldman Sachs, etc. huge investments bet against their own investments. WOW! If profitmaking is the goal, then we see the outcome... The partisans keep going in spite of Americans' dislike.

7:09 - Salit - the partisans are very extreme! not only of successes, but of failures -- let's talk about the Roman Empire

7:06 - Salit: very partisan fight over health care, immigration, midterm elections -- which party has the power? How can we interpret that to mean that the power centers (in Washington) are moving toward us (independents)???

7:05pm - Salit: wanted to paint a picture of how independents are getting on the radar of wash insiders... but spoke with other activists around the country, felt that this was upside down. We can't deal with our issues (education, health care, etc) without re-tooling the political process. Have to change the way we talk about this. Washington is inching towards us!

7:03pm - Ross: is a training and strategy center for the independent movement... the organized independent movement is the engine for political reform, for open primaries and nonpartisan elections. Welcome Jackie Salit.

7:00 pm  There are already 62 callers on the phone! More people calling in. California, New Jersey, Alabama, New York, dogs barking in the background! etc. Nancy Ross is hosting.... Florida, North Carolina, Utah, we're going to move on to the call!!!

I'm going to call in to this conference call, and hope you will too! Look for my updates here AND check out the new video on Open Primaries here...

See you soon!!!


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