Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NATIONAL: Third Party Coming

FreeMarketNews ran this article yesterday Third Party Coming in 2008, and Hankster reader and national Committee for a Unified Independent Party organizer Gwen Mandell sent in this comment:

I also read Peggy Noonan's article and am glad to see that some of the political pundits now see what over 30% of the electorate has seen for some time now - that partisanism and corruption are making it impossible for any serious solutions to public policy to emerge. Independents have been building at the grassroots for some time time now (and not necessarily with the direction of building another party (partisansim is partisanism and building another party just might not be the way to bring about the radical political reform necessary to shake up the political process), and while perhaps some "big players" are currently "seeing the light" because they see some mileage to be gained, the independent voice led by ordinary folks continues to shape itself, even if the media doesn't give it the coverage it deserves. For a daily report on News for independents read the daily blog The Hankster, http://grassrootsindependent.blogspot.com/

That's tellin' it like it is!!!!

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