Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New York: More on Mayor Bloomberg's 08 run

From the New York Observer June 5 -- Bloomberg in '08? Never Say Never! by Niall Stanage

If there were any lingering doubts that Mr. Bloomberg is a RINO, a "Republican in Name Only”his latest pronouncements have erased them. "I think it's clear he's not running in the Republican [Presidential] primaries in '08," Doug Muzzio, a political-science professor at Baruch College, says with a laugh. Speculation has taken hold that the Mayor might consider wagering around $500 million of his multibillion-dollar fortune on an independent run for the White House. Such a move may sound quixotic, but "or so the Bloomberg boosters argue”it would seem immeasurably less so if the Republican and Democratic parties each nominated a Presidential candidate from their ideologically entrenched flanks. The Mayor's recent remarks seek to cast him as a "common-sense candidate”someone concerned not to "let ideology get in the way of truth," as he put it at Johns Hopkins. [To read the article go to The Observer and search Niall Stanage]

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