Monday, January 08, 2007

Backgrounder: Neocon Strategy

Christian Science Monitor Special: Empire Builders--Neoconservatives and their blueprint for US power; Neocon 101--Some basic questions answered. (2003)

National Post -- Trotsky's ghost wandering the White House, Influence on Bush aides: Bolshevik's writings supported the idea of pre-emptive war (June 07, 2003 - from Alex Jones'

Vanity Fair Exclusive: Now They Tell Us -- Neo Culpa As Iraq slips further into chaos, the war's neoconservative boosters have turned sharply on the Bush administration, charging that their grand designs have been undermined by White House incompetence. In a series of exclusive interviews, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, David Frum, and others play the blame game with shocking frankness. Target No. 1: the president himself. by David Rose VF.COM November 3, 2006

Truthout interview with Scott Ritter (Ritter, you might remember spoke out early about the lack of WMDs in Iraq.) This is the third of Raw Story's series of conversations with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. In the first installment, Ritter spoke about the situations as regards weapons in Iraq, Iran and Russia. In the second, Ritter enumerated what he saw as the failings of the US intelligence operation, calling the CIA 'terminally ill.'In this final part of the three-part series, the former weapons inspector details his beliefs about the neoconservative movement, the American legislative process and his hopes for the future.

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