Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hankster is a "must read" for independent political activists

Here are a few tips on using the Hankster. I hope it's helpful:

1. There's usually an interesting photo on the "title page" TODAY'S NEWS for INDEPENDENT VOTERS. It's more often a personal/cultural statment -- for a personal/cultural movement. And the "title page" itself is more of a hold-over from print media. "Independent Voters" is a phrase that will bring up particular searches that get "googled" and connect with interested readers.

2. The rolling loop of articles that you can click on in the green window at the top of The Hankster is one of those blogger gimmicks from Some of those articles make it into The Hankster. Don't be afraid to click on an article of interest.

3. Check out the sidebar where there are links to a number of "like-minded" independent blogs and even some "other-minded" blogs and websites. Most of those sites have cross-linked. Visit early and often.

3. Do the Hankster Poll!
Also on the sidebar, one of those blogger gimmicks. Sometimes funny, sometimes important, never commercial! Vote your choice - and let me know if there's a question you want to post.

4. Subscribe via email!
You can get The Hankster delivered to your inbox every time there are new postings (generally every day or at least several times a week) and not have to remember to click on your favorites or your news reader. It's easy - just type in your email address in the box at the bottom of the page and then respond to an email that will be sent to your inbox (or check your junk box!) to confirm that youwant to receive the email. Try it! If you don't like it, you can un-subscribe...

5. You can also comment on any article. There isn't a lot of dialogue on this blog, it's more informational. But I have met some wonderful and important people -- independents who email me or make a comment. The Hankster is after all about doing, not talking...

5. And while you're at the bottom of the page, check out the World Map that shows you where in the world are the other Hankster readers. It's for fun... By the way, where is Africa??

6. Send an email to your contacts!
The Hankster brings you the important news of the day specifically for folks who are part of or interested in the independent movement. It's an activist blog. The Hankster is dedicated to grassroots organizing and is designed for regular people who need to or want to know what's being covered in the major media and also in the blogs relative to independent voters. The Hankster is a "must read" for independent activists and anyone disgruntled by the two parties and interested in what's happening nationally with independents and our visability.

To wit:
You like The Hankster, but The Hankster is nothing if you don't use it to reach out to others.

Send your contacts an email and let them know there's a non-ideological, inclusive, lively place to get some support for a new political direction in the country. They'll be glad you reached out.

I'd like to double the regular readership of The Hankster over the next 3 months. And I need you to make that happen. Please send an email to all your political and personal contacts in the next couple of weeks. We have a lot of movement-building to do.


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