Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pennsylvania: Independent voters should be allowed to vote in primaries

Independents' voice, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (Patriot News) -- ...Unfortunately, Rendell did not mention a more open primary, in which independents, we swing voters, may be enfranchised to vote for either Democrats or Republicans in spring elections, as we are permitted to do in the fall.... -- JEFFREY T. BROWN, Harrisburg

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cathy said...

The importance of your state was mentioned on cable news. I'm from Mass. and I wanted to know if there was any media coverage of Sen. Obama's special mortgage rate, ties to ethanol, etc. There is none here; so we are not getting any info. Honest, I am an Independent and I am not tied to Sen. McCain's campaign in ANY way. I just wish Independents could know good, bad, and questionble info on each candidate. PA electorates will make such a difference in the elction of our President. Good luck to all of us. With regards,