Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogger Action Alert! Keep Independent Voices In Debates

This just in from -- Did you hear Hillary and John Edwards in a private conversation at the recent NAACP forum about excluding independent voices from the most wide open presidential campaign in American politics in a century? Click here for the video! Clinton and Edwards discuss the need to eliminate "unserious" candidates from future televised debates...

Now what?

Complain? Curse? Call your neighbor? YES! And also, you can DO SOMETHING with other independents that makes a difference:

Here is how you can take action:
1. Call/E-mail/Fax Howard Dean (and please cc me on any letters you send) to let him know that you support the continued participation of ALL the Democratic candidates in the debates. Below is a sample letter and information on how to contact Dean.
2. Contact people in your network and ask them to do the same. Forward them this e-mail so they can express their support for keeping the debates open.
3. If you are new to CUIP, sign up to be a part of the independent movement and receive regular e-mail updates.
Please send your e-mail or letter today and start your outreach to your networks. If you have questions or thoughts about other ways to help, please call Nancy Ross at CUIP at 212-609-2800.

Sample E-mail, Fax, or Letter
Dear Chairman Howard Dean,
I am outraged at Senators Clinton and Edwards' conversation at the close of the NAACP forum about narrowing the field for upcoming debates.
In my opinion, candidates such as Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel play a very important role in broadening the debate on crucial issues. Their exclusion would be bad for the democratic process and would shut down important conversation.
I urge you to make sure the debates remain open and inclusive of all the candidates.
Your Name and State
To contact Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee:
Phone: 202-863-8000
Fax: 202-863-8174

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