Friday, July 13, 2007

Caught on Tape: Clinton/Edwards to Shut Down Debates

Go to California's Independent Voice (thanks to IV communications director Jason Olson)

Hillary Clinton and John Edwards "privately" discussed removing other candidates from future debates. The discussion took place after the July 12th NAACP Candidate Forum in Detroit. But they forgot they were still on camera and miked! The discussion quickly found its way into the media and onto YouTube. Clinton and Edwards are clearly trying to eliminate any dissenting or independent voice from the debates.

Independents want a real debate, not an "insider" made for TV production.
Click here to watch the video and make your voice heard>

And while we're at it, Iowa independent leader Larry Reinsch confronted Hillary about including independents in the debates at a recent appearence -- don't miss this at Rock The Debates....

Independent Voice and Rock the Debates are both on The Hankster sidebar. They are both important sites to check in with!

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PresidentAdams said...

The real story behind the infamous Clinton/Edwards not-so-secret chat...